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Cloud Hackathon FAQ

Can anyone from outside of Bellevue College attend?

Unfortunately, No. the event is only open to Bellevue College students, staff and faculty. We are however considering a hackathon event for non-BC community in the future.

Can we participate in the event as a team?

Yes, working in a team is allowed and you can have up to three people in a team.

Do I need to provide any information about my project before the event?

Yes, follow this link to fill all the fields and submit to us by May 6th, 2016.

Does everybody in the team have to register for the event?

No, only one member of the team will register for the event.

Do I have to subscribe to Azure in advance or during the event to work on my project or implement it?

No, you don't have to sign up Azure on your own using your credit card, DreamSpark or any other offers. We will provide you an Azure pass in advance which will give you access to Azure and all its services for three months.

I already have an Azure pass which I received as part of attending the Cloud Workshops, can I use that to work on my hackathon project?

Yes, you will use the same Azure pass, which you received as a part of attending BC Cloud Workshops, for your hackathon project.

How do I get my Azure pass?

Your Azure pass will be sent you via email around one week before the event.

Can I bring my own Laptop/Notebook or my project on a USB drive?

Yes, you may bring your laptop/notebook and continue to use that in the lab or bring your project, which you may have started earlier, on a USB drive and install it on the lab workstation.

What software will be available on the lab workstations which I can use to work with and implement my project?

Do I have to use Azure to qualify for the event and the prizes?

Yes, you must be using Microsoft Azure as one of the major elements of your project to implement and maintain your proof of concept, idea or a project.

Do I have to use only Microsoft technologies, services or software for my hackathon project?

No, you are not restricted only to Microsoft technologies, services and software. You can use any other technologies and services to complete your project. The only restriction is that you use Microsoft Azure to implement your project.

Can I use Open source software for my project?

Yes, by all means, actually we encourage you to use open source software as a part of your hackathon project along with Azure. Microsoft Azure supports a wide range of open source technologies including java, PHP, Python, Mysql, Ubuntu, Redhat etc.

Do I have to completely finish my project and have it fully implemented and working to qualify for the prizes?

Not exactly. If you have it fully implemented and working, that is good but the hackathon prizes will be based on various factors including your concept, originality of the concept, plan to implement, and actual implementation.

What if I need help on the day of the Hackathon event with general questions about Azure?

There will be lab mentor(s) available throughout the day to help you with general Azure questions you may have.

Who will decide the three winners for the hackathon?

A panel of judges from Microsoft, Bellevue College, and Wimmer Solutions will decide the winners of the hackathon.

How do I present my project to the judges?

Each team will have around five or so minutes to present the project/idea, plan and the results to the judges. You better have your elevator pitch all practiced and ready to go when the judges come around!

What is the criteria for judging the three top winners for the hackathon?

The winners will be decided on a mix of several criteria factors including the originality of the concept, technical complexity, plan to implement, actual implementation and the practical usefulness of the project.

Will my project be available for others to view online?

We plan on making all projects available via the GitHub repository.

I have more questions about the hackathon, what should I do?

You can email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Bellevue College Cloud Hackathon 2016
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