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Free subscriptions are available for Microsoft Cloud services. Read on to see which service you are interested in signing up for and then use it to explore, learn and utilize it for your every day life IT scenarios.

Office 365

If you want to experience what Software as a Service (SaaS) then you should start using Office 365. Microsoft's premium service. This service provides you access to online versions of your popular application such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. along with the ability to host your email in the Cloud using Exchange Online. Skype for Business is provided to you to help you with your online Conferencing needs while SharePoint online is available to you to build and deploy customized SharePoint solutions. Office 365 can also be used to extend your on-premises network to the Cloud. To learn more....Try for FREE

Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft's solution to setting up and administering your infrastructure in the Cloud or for building, hosting and managing your apps in the Cloud. Azure, just like Office 365, can also be used to extend your current on-premises network infrastructure and apps to the Cloud. Want to try it out for yourself?.....Try it for FREE

DreamSpark Subscriptions for students

Microsoft offers free subscriptions to students for extended period of time. Here are the instructions for you in PDF format to sign-up for the Azure subscription through the DreamSpark student benefit.

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